Virtual Company

Virtual Company ( Attractive Name ) !! but what is the Virtual Company ??

The Virtual Company as Google and Wikipedia define is

A virtual business employs electronic means to transact business as opposed to a traditional brick and mortar business that relies on face-to-face transactions with physical documents and physical currency or credit .

The Virtual Company as PC Magazine define is


An organization that uses computer and telecommunications technologies to extend its capabilities by working routinely with employees or contractors located throughout the country or the world. Using e-mail, faxes, instant messaging, data and videoconferencing, it implies a high degree of telecommuting as well as using remote facilities.
The Extreme
The most extreme type of virtual company is one with only “virtual employees” and no central office. Everyone works from home.

Virtual Companies Examples

  1. Safari Notebook Computer

    • To produce its Safari notebook computer, American Telephone & Telegraph Co. formed a virtual corporation with two Japanese companies. The company used Marubeni Trading Co., which partnered with Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co. to produce the computer.


    • Partnerships with more than 100 companies allowed MCI Communications Corp. to obtain major contracts.

    IBM and Apple

    • Although they are usually competitors, IBM and Apple formed a virtual corporation for mutual benefit. IBM and Apple teamed up with Motorola to develop an operating system and microprocessor for a new generation of computers.

    Corning Inc.

    • Corning Inc. created a virtual corporation with 19 partnerships in 1993. This accounted to for 13 percent of the corporation’s earnings during this year.

    PowerBook Notebooks

    • Apple Computers partnered with Sony Corp. in 1991to produce its PowerBook notebook computers. Partnering with Sony helped create a less expensive version of the PowerBook.


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